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A song for a wedding or anniversary

Your unique song to celebrate the love you share - your memories, hopes and dreams, special places - in short, just who you are, written just for you.


I was asked to write this song by a couple to help celebrate their Silver Wedding Anniversary. 

For Always - Andy Severyn
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For Always


It seems like yesterday a summer promise made

To love each other for the rest of your days

Joy and laughter shared closer with every prayer

Best friends forever, and a rock for always


Simple as breathing, easy as summer air

Simple, you just love each other

Here you are,  so here we are...


To have and now to hold

with a love that lasts like gold

In richer and in poorer for always

For each other you were meant

for each other heaven sent

So raise your glass and celebrate this day

and all your days


So many memories made

When at the Lakes you prayed

You walked with heaven’s light to guide you everyday

Little hands to hold

Your bedtime stories told

Your precious daughters, loved each step along the road


Simple as breathing...

To have and now to hold

with a love that lasts like gold...

© 2019 Andy Severyn

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