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A song for a school

A song that represents the values of the school, as a school song, with children involved. 

It could also be for part of the year, such as Christmas or saying goodbye, like below...


A school Headteacher asked me to write a song for their Year6 as a memory for their time in school.

Always - Andy Severyn
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Listen to the children singing this new song which I wrote  for their school Christmas production.

We Rejoice - Andy Severyn
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Seven years ago, you came to us

Innocent and wide-eyed little faces

We watched you grow; we watched you learn

How to read and write and tie your laces

Remember your first Christmas play upon the stage

Angels and Shepherds gathered round

Reception days, how they seem like yesterday

And how quickly has this day just come around


And through the years your light burned bright

Every teacher found it hard to let you go

You made us proud, you made us smile

You were a joy to teach and a pleasure just to know

And as a playground pal or in the office on the phone

Or a prefect keeping watch each day

Head boy, head girl, you all did your jobs so well

For all of this, and more, we want to say...


You’ll always be the ones we remember

You’ll always be the ones that we treasure

Now spread your wings and fly

‘Cause it’s time to say goodbye

But don’t you fear ‘cause love is near

And if you need us, we’ll be here


If you could hold one memory in your hand

Of your schooldays here, which moment would it be?

Maybe a song, maybe a game,

Maybe the time you helped to make our own CD

Or could it be the stories that Spellbinder told

Or playing rounders on a summer’s day

Gold awards, or that winning goal you scored

 These memories no-one can take away


So here we are; the last day has come

One final chance to see you stand together here as one

Now don’t you be afraid, don’t run and hide

You’re strong when you feel weak

‘cause you’ve got Jesus by your side

Our prayer for you is that God will hold your hand

And shine his light upon your way

We’ll carry on, and we’ll sing the same old songs

But without you here, this place won’t be the same

© 2019 Andy Severyn

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