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A song to remember and celebrate a loved one's life

When we lose someone, we may find it hard to put our loss into words. If you feel that a personalised song or piece of music could help, please get in touch. 


At my dad's funeral, I read out a poem I'd written. This song is those words put to music. 

A Gentle Man - Andy Severyn
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A Gentle Man (Song for my Dad)


If I could catch a memory and hold it in my hand

It would be of this gentle man, come from a far off land

A land at war which sent him to the shores on which we stand

To learn to speak a language, so much new to understand

But a home here for this gentle man was soon found in a young girl's heart

Captured by his looks, his ways, together they made a start


He worked for her both night and day, in shop and in their home

God blessed their life together, and soon they weren't alone

He deeply loved all six of us - five daughters, and I their son

So blessed with a father beyond compare

who made sure nothing was left undone


Like the time he made for each of us when a hard day's work was through

And the house he toiled over to make it look so new

I thank you Lord for this gentle man, for the father that I love

He was faithful to you always, and Jesus, he is happy with you now

His faith in God was deep and strong, and plain for all to see

The Church which meant so much to him, a second family

And those who knew him most of all, knew his garden meant so much

He made it, loved and cared for it with a gentle loving touch

He's shown us all by his great life exactly what love means

And I know I will live for him in all my words and deeds

© 2019 Andy Severyn

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